Infected and Affected Campaign

Infected and Affected Campaign

This aims at the HIV positive and negative young people where each one of these is to be brought on board for support of one another

This is a core campaign of the innocent league where we will put our main emphasis. It is the main reason for the innocent league. We want all young people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS to be well conversant with this campaign.

This campaign is about bringing infected and affected young people together in schools to help them take own responsibilities as regards to HIV/AIDS it’s about painting the other side of HIV . Its aiming at a stigma free school (an HIV friendly school). Where the school administration, parents and students themselves are in agreement to eliminate what HIV has been painted for a longest time

This campaign is a call for unity affected and infected we have a significant role to play in this HIV/AIDS scourge and provide the best environment to people living with HIV/AIDS

It’s also involves young negatives and understand positive living showing them what it takes to be positive so they understand what young positives go through

We should bring parents, teachers on board so we start from the grass roots and we should get ambassadors out of students the ones gear the campaign


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